Q: How do I partially pay my invoice with a prepaid card, for example?

At SkylarNodes, we find there are a number of people who want to pay in different ways. That's why we've enabled account credit so you can topup your account with ease.

Step-by-step how to partially pay with one method, and then the rest with another.

Upon checkout, click to pay with PayPal. Don't worry, whether you want to pay with PayPal or not, just do this anyway. It'll make more sense later why your doing this. After you've filled out the necessary details, hit Checkout, making sure PayPal is selected as the payment method.

After you've done this, you should be presented with the PayPal checkout screen looking like below. When you are presented with that screen, hit the 'Cancel and return to SkylarNodes'.

Then, your invoice should come up. Which is exactly what you want. Ignore the error text that your payment "was not successful". Now, in the top navbar, go to Billing > Add Funds.

You can now topup your account with funds here. We recommend choosing to pay with Stripe as it universally supports a lot of credit cards and debit cards. If your bank currency is different to dollars, and your bank doesn't support different currencies, PayPal might be a better choice. You can also use GoCardless which directly bills your bank instead of your card. In the end, it's your choice how you choose to pay.

From there, it's straight forward. Add the amount of funds you need and pay those invoices separately. Please note that adding credit to your account is non-refundable.

Once you've got account credit, go back onto your invoice (Billing > Invoices), and select the invoice for the plan that you were going to buy earlier.

Once your on the invoice, hit the 'Apply Credit' button to apply the credit you topped up. If it's enough, the invoice status should be marked as paid, and your game server should start being setup!

You can visit the game panel at https://gp.skylarnodes.net. Learn to setup an account >

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