🌐Connecting to your server

How to connect to your MC server.

You've setup your server, done the bits and bobs, and your happy about how your server is setup... now what? Well, duh, connect to it. Gotta test it out!

Connecting to the server is generally really simple. Find your connection URL and connect to it.

Normally, you'd connect with IP:Port, but on some of our nodes, we have it so you directly connect with a URL instead, which is DDoS protected, and safe from bots.

Just go on the game panel, go onto your server, and find your connection URL.

This'll either be:

  • IP:Port (e.g.

  • A URL instead (e.g. something like s[x].[nodeID].skylar.community`)

We've put two info guides below what each of them do if you want further info.

Connecting with our URLs

If your server has got a URL instead of an IP: amazing, your already set up and DDoS protected.

We use TCPShield on these nodes to ensure MC servers are protected as possible. That's right, TCPShield is included as part of buying hosting from us, at no additional cost, if your on one of these nodes. You don't have access to the TCPShield dashboard though, however if you want to use your own domain, we'd be happy to add it if you contact us.

You can connect to your server with two domains:

  • skylar.community (shows up by default)

  • playsn.co

If you don't like one and like the other, all it takes is just replacing the domain, and it should work the same!

If your inviting friends and such, connect to that URL directly and you should be good to go!

If you want to use your own domain, instead of our domains, contact us so we can configure it through our servers.

Connecting with an IP:Port

If your server has it, directly connect with this. Connect like you'd usually do, there's nothing different.

Protection-wise, this means you already have the best protection that's meant for your server, and there's no additional protection needed. No URL needed. If you need,

If you want to setup your own domain, by all means go ahead and follow the usual SRV method.

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