🛒Purchasing a server from our website

A simple how-to guide on how to purchase servers from our site.

Purchasing a server from our website is fairly straight forward. Simply first go to our website, and hit the blue 'Sign up' button in the top navigation menu.

Select the server type that you'd like to buy.

If your server type isn't listed, contact us to add it! 😉 We'd be happy to add any server types that are requested.👍

Our pricing should appear. From here, you can select what server type you'd like to purchase by clicking the 'Get Started' button on what plan you'd like to buy.

We recommend checking how much RAM your server requires in the first place to run at. For example, a MC server on 1.19 needs a lot more RAM on-boot and to keep running compared to a MC server on 1.12. Calculate your server RAM >

All the specs are listed and additionally, DDoS, TCP, and other protection methods are included free of charge. We also provide mainstream support via our Discord server.

After that, you should get forwarded to our store. Everything is pretty straight forward from there:

- Select what server type specifically you'd like (if the option appears - e.g. Paper/Spigot); - Select if you'd like additional ports and additional cores. - Select your location. There is only 1 location available at the moment, but we do plan to expand our locations rapidly! - Choose how frequently you want to pay (e.g. monthly/annually).

Hit continue, and checkout with your purchase. We support a multitude of different payment methods at the moment: PayPal, Stripe, and GoCardless.

If you want to split your payment so you pay a bit with one payment method, and the other part of the payment with another (with a prepaid VISA/MasterCard card for example), follow this guide.

After entering your details and purchasing, you should be displayed by a success screen/invoice paid screen. After this, check your emails! You should have received a few emails with your account details and the details of the server you purchased.

If you didn't receive any e-mails, make sure to check your spam.

If they did land in your spam folder, to make sure you receive emails from us (we send out e-mail reminders to let you know when invoices are due), make sure to add our domain (skyvillage.vip) as a trusted domain.

If there is no options to add a domain to the safe senders list, add the following e-mail addresses to your safe senders list: - billing@skyvillage.vip - noreply@skyvillage.vip - support@skyvillage.vip

Alternatively, please move our emails to your inbox and that'd (hopefully) allow your mail provider to recognize our emails as not spam!

Continue to the next guide to learn how to setup your server and use these emails if your confused what to do from there.

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