🔨Changing your server version

If you want to change the server version to something else. Let's say from 1.18 to 1.17, perhaps.

The common situation - you want to change your server version. It turns out there's a billion bugs on the latest version and there's too many anticheats that don't support it yet -- this is just an example of course: everyone's situation will differ.

It's actually really easy to change your server version.

First, go onto the server you want to change the version of.

Go to Configuration > Advanced.

Choose the Edition your currently on. Then, choose the version you want to change it to. Depending on whether you want to retain your server files when you change your version, you can switch 'Format' on (to purge your server files) or keep it off to leave the server files alone (except the jar file of course).

Just keep in mind when you switch the version, your plugin files/current world file may not be compatible with the new version.

Once you've made up your mind on the options, hit 'Install Different Edition'. If your server is on, restart the server to apply the changes.

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