Getting a free Skylar subdomain

Free subdomains are included with any plan. Learn more in this article.

In the case you don't want to purchase your own domain, you may be wanting a free subdomain for your server. In that case, you've come to the right place! 👍

SkylarNodes gives your server 1 free subdomain along with any plan. They last as long as you have a service with us. The subdomains we give:




Q: How do I get a free subdomain?

At this current time, you can only get a subdomain by contacting us. We're hoping in the future to make this automated, stay tuned for more info!

Q: I need another subdomain for hosting a world map of my MC server, can you provide another one for free?

Additional subdomains can be requested, and max. 2 subdomains are normally given out per server for free. In the event that the subdomain use-case is abnormal, an additional charge may be included on your next invoice depending on your use-case.

In the case for hosting a world map - nah, the use case is not abnormal, we'll give you another one for free.

We'll let you know if your use-case is abnormal and if a charge is required before we apply the subdomain.

Q: Didn't you just say you give 1 free subdomain-

Shush. Sales Getting-you-to-read-the-whole-article technique. 🤐

Terms of use/Small print

*Note: servername can be customized with your own, unique, server name - whatever/anything you would like. The name itself that is chosen cannot be in violation of copyright of another entity, company, or person(s). These terms can be changed at any time.

*Server names on have stricter terms.

*Disqualified/disallowed names is at the sole decision of SkylarNodes.

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