💻Setting up your VPS Account

How to setup your VPS account with us and how to work the panel.

The panel is really straight forward, and should be really easy to use. At SkylarNodes we use Virtualizor for our VPS' which makes them easy to manage on your end, and our end.

At this current time, VPS' can only be bought from us at request, and we have a right to reject or approve your request, based on our conditions and your use-purpose.

Our VPS Panel is located at https://vps.skylarnodes.net.

Upon going onto our panel, you'll be greeted with a login page; login with the credentials you were given, and access the panel. We recommend you change your password as well.

Hint: You can change to light/dark mode. Just hit the bulb at the top right corner to do it. (Click on the image to enlarge it if it's too small)


Fairly straight forward, just configuring your language, and preferences.

Profile screen

You can configure your account details on this screen such as name, address, etc, etc. You cannot change your email address though, and you'll need to contact us to do so. This is due to security reasons.

That's everything about setting up your VPS account! In the next guide, we've mentioned how to setup your VPS in the panel, and documented pretty much everything you need to know.

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