🌐How to setup the included web hosting

Web hosting is included with our Power Plans range for free. Learn more >

The web hosting panel is located at https://cpanel.skyvillage.vip

Web hosting can be setup easy peasy. We made this guide to make setting up with us as easy as possible. Setting up the included web hosting is as easy as changing your nameservers of your domain to:

  • ns1.hostns.io

  • ns2.hostns.io

Then you should be all set! Contact us to let us know you want web hosting and we'll add you to the panel! If you want to use a subdomain, you can also do that too -- let us know what subdomain you want and we'll add it free of charge (1 maximum subdomain for hosting).

This process will get easier without manually contacting us in the future. You should be able to do it via a click of a button via our billing panel.

A short, simple, technical explanation on how it's possible to have a website under the same domain as your players connect to

If you used e.g. myserver.skylarnodes.com for people to connect to to join your MC server, you can also use the same domain for your website. How this works, you ask? A simple explanation: going on a web browser to a website connects you to ports 80 (HTTP = insecure connection) and 443 (HTTPS = SSL secure connection). However on Minecraft, it connects to a different port (determined by your SRV record), so effectively, you can use the same domain to host your website. If that explanation was too darn simple, you might want to do your own research.

If you want to stick with Cloudflare without switching nameservers

Note: if you don't want to change your nameservers and want to stick with Cloudflare, login to the web hosting panel (https://cpanel.skylarnodes.net) and in the sidebar under 'General Information' you'll find your IP (under 'Shared IP Address'). Make an A record under your domain pointing to that IP. You then should be all set!

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