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Our branding

SkyVillage branding and logos to be used.

Logos and files

The SkyVillage logo, is split between our favicon, and our main logo. Our favicon can be used in scenarios where a small logo is needed, or a small corner watermark-like logo. Of course, other uses are permitted (see legal).
Our main logo is our company logo, used throughout our products, advertisements, and sponsorships.
The assets are below.
Our favicon, to be used in watermark or small credit scenarios.
Our main logo, to be used in proper sponsorship, or other proper branding purposes. The full logo comes out quite large and the pixels, due to how it was exported, quite blurry full-size. The image needs to be made smaller when being used directly.
A different version of our logo, used in some publications. Our main logo is preferred, but, if there are issues with using our main logo (technical issues, for example), then this should be used.

Official SkyVillage business information, and domains

There has been some confusion over some previous company names, and our actual registered business name. Our official business name is SkyVillage Nonprofit Corporation. The main domain used for sales, as well as customer game panels, is
Although this is our main registered website, we also do have some other domain names:
- CrystalNodes, specifically This brand is still into effect and falls under the SkyVillage brand. CrystalNodes has a separate logo, and sells different products compared to the SkyVillage range, and is managed drastically differently. Although sales for CrystalNodes are done under the SkyVillage billing panel, CrystalNodes, practically-speaking is treated like a separate entity in the products it sells.
  • The domain is also used for SkyVillage products, such as databases on our game panel. PHPMyAdmin and other tools use the domain for this, not the main domain.
To find the relevant logos for these, please find them on their respected websites.
The SkyVillage logo(s), and name SkyVillage, are rightful properties of SkyVillage Nonprofit Corporation. Our logo can be used for sponsorships, personal-use, and other general uses. Any use that falls out of personal use, such as commercial use of our logo(s), we must be contacted first to be given express permission to use the logo(s) or asset(s).
The CrystalNodes logo(s) the same rules apply, as this goes under the SkyVillage brand.