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👋Welcome to SkyVillage Docs

SkyVillage provides blazing-fast hosting at a perfect 99.9% guaranteed uptime. running high-end processors, with DDoS, and other protection methods included at no additional cost.

Brief introduction

In this documentation, we include how-to's on how to use our services, with detailed instructions and Q&A's. We plan to frequently update our docs, so there may be new guides every so often!

Our docs will explain how to use our panel, add custom subdomains, and use features that we have in the hosting that may not be in the panel! These docs hope to explain frequently asked questions, and much more.


Getting Started - Jump right in

Learn the fundamentals of setting up with SkylarNodes and the way round our panel.

🛒pagePurchasing a server from our website🚚pageSetting up your game panel account, and verifying your Billing account


📈pageInternet speedtesting against our serverspageGetting a free Skylar subdomainpageUse your own domain with our services🔨pageChanging your server version🔨pageChanging your server type

Web hosting

🌐pageHow to setup the included web hosting

Frequently Asked Questions

There are a lot of frequently asked questions, and this section should be able to quickly answer them. Of course, this section will be updated frequently if we do have repeated questions on the same things.

If you have a question that's not on the list, contact us!

General Questions

Q: Can I get dedicated IPs?

No, not at this time, sorry about this. We do plan in the foreseeable future to offer them, but we're not planning to add them in at this current time.

Q: I can't purchase from your store/my card got declined, what do I do?

First, see if your details have been entered properly (e.g. card number). If one payment option doesn't work (it may be that it doesn't work in your country), try using PayPal. If PayPal isn't supported in your country, you should contact us directly through our Discord for immediate support, or through our other communication methods.

Q: How do I purchase partially with a prepaid card, and the other, with my PayPal credit, for example?

You should be able to add the credit as account credit, and then apply it to your invoice. You can do this really easily, following our guide. Learn more >

Q: What's the benefits between a Power plan and normal plan?

The differences really aren't that much, at all. Power plan users just get earlier access to some features before everyone else (only a little bit earlier). The only major difference is the free web hosting. Learn more >

Server Downtime Questions

Q: Why can I not connect to my server? Are your servers down?

First check to see if your server is off via our Game Panel, or if your server has been suspended. Otherwise, you should check if our servers are down. Your server can be suspended for various reasons, you should see this to see why it could be suspended. Learn more >

Q: My server got suspended because I forgot to pay an invoice, what do I do?

First off, check on the Game Panel if the server is still there. If it's still on your account and has been marked as 'suspended', then that's great. Just pay your invoices on our Billing panel, and your server should be up and running again. Otherwise, click here to read what to do. Learn more >

Technical Questions

Q: How do I calculate how much RAM I need for my MC server?

This is so important that this is got right before purchasing from us. To calculate the amount of RAM needed for a Minecraft server, please check out our RAM calculator guide. We try and update this whenever Mojang releases new updates.

Q: My RAM keeps constantly increasing, and the server keeps crashing, what do I do?

Glad you asked. Most of the time (from our experience), it's to do with a corrupt plugin installed on your server. You should test which plugins are corrupt and remove them/replace them to carry on receiving normal, unobstructed performance. For more info, click here to learn more >

Q: The RAM is literally [x]GB on boot on my [5x]GB RAM server. Is this normal?

Yup, it's totally normal. We recommend optimizing your server by looking at guides online, for example if your using Paper, there are plenty of ways to optimize it. For technical folks, there are also other ways. Learn more >

VPS Questions

Q: Can I buy a VPS from you?

VPS's are purchasable from us, (Ubuntu 20.04 or Windows 2022 only) and we can offer them to you for purchase. But, these are strictly a contact-us thing first. At the moment, we like selling game servers with uninterrupted performance, which is why we have to add in this additional measure for the time being. Just to note: We reserve the right to reject your request if we feel that your purpose for getting a VPS isn't clearly enough explained, or for other reasons (e.g. for example, our node is full and we need to restock). At request, we can provide a reason for denial.

If you'd like a VPS, please contact Jane Berru of the SkylarNodes Team at

Q: How do I login and setup my account?

We recommend following our VPS Hosting guides to know fully how to use our VPS panel. It's really straight forward to use, and you'll be able to get the jist of things quite quickly. Learn more >

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