📈Internet speedtesting against our servers

You can run a speedtest against our servers to test what server you'll receive the best ping on.

Testing your ping against our servers can be important in showing what servers will perform the best near you. You're going to want to use a server from us that has the lowest latency possible, to reduce and get the lowest lag possible.

There is one website you can go to to test our servers.

Custom speedtest website

Note: This isn't our internet speed itself and the speed isn't deliberately being rigged or changed unfairly to show you higher speeds as a result. We host OpenSpeedTest on our nodes so you can see the true speeds of your internet against ours.

We use the OpenSpeedTest software in showing you your internet speed, against our nodes.

To do this, get the main node URL, and place speedtest- before it. For example, if the main node URL was al1.skylarnodes.net, we'd put speedtest- before it, making it speedtest-al1.skylarnodes.net. Going to that URL, should allow you to perform the speedtest by clicking the 'Start' button. This should show you the speed against our nodes, as shown in the screenshot below.

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