🚚Setting up your game panel account, and verifying your Billing account

After you've purchased a server, setup your account with our services.

After you've purchased a game server, your game server should popup on the billing panel as 'Active'.

You should receive multiple emails from us to say your invoice got paid, your server got setup, and others. One email should have a button to reset your Game Panel account password.

Setting up your game account

You should receive an email that looks like below. Hit the 'Setup Your Account' button to continue.

Then voila! Your account on the game panel has been created!

If the button didn't work, go to the Game Panel and hit 'Struggling to Login?' on the login screen. Then enter your e-mail in, and hit 'Reset Password'. You should then get another e-mail to reset your password.

Logging in instead with your Billing store account

There has been problems with logging in with the Store Account. This will be fixed in the future, but for the time being, we recommend using the normal login.

You can, instead, log in with your billing store account if you don't want to go through the hassle of changing your game panel password. But although doing that step is recommended for security reasons, we also have the option of logging in with your store account instead.

On the Game Panel login screen, there should be a button that looks like this:

If clicked, you'll be taken to a screen that looks like the following. Hit 'Authorise' to continue.

You'll then be taken back to the game panel and be successfully logged in. From there, you can easily manage your game servers.

Verifying your billing account e-mail

Also, we recommend verifying your billing account e-mail to prevent future hassle verifying if you are who you say you are (for instance, when getting support and such), so you should verify your billing account email. The e-mail should automatically get sent out when you make your account.

If the link doesn't work and gives some error, that means the link expired and your going to have to request a new one. (You can tell if your e-mail is verified or not as on the billing dashboard a yellow (or crème-like) colored banner will appear telling you to verify your email)

You then should get another e-mail with a verification link. Hit the link in the new email and it should work.

If your game server hasn't been marked as active.

If not, and it's marked as pending, check if your invoices have been paid. If they have, it's either:

  • We don't have enough stock available;

  • Your payment method didn't go through correctly and needs further confirmation;

You might want to contact us to let us check if we have enough stock available/check if a payment went through okay. If we don't have enough stock, we'll either quickly make room for your server (the delay in which we take to respond and do this will be added to your plan as apologies), or we'll refund your money depending on the circumstances permitted by our Terms of Service.

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