🔨Changing your server type

If you want to change the server type to something else. Let's say from Spigot to Forge, for example.

The common situation - you want to change your server type. You want to setup an SMP and found out that Paper didn't support the plugins you wanted -- this is just an example of course: everyone's situation will differ.

It's actually really easy to change your server type.

First, go onto the server you want to change the type of.

After, go to Configuration > Advanced and you should be able to choose what edition and version you want.

Please note it's recommended for the 'Format' toggle to be on, unless you know what your doing, which purges the server files. You may want to create a backup in the case that files get modified when changing your edition or if the edition change fails for whatever reason.

If the edition change fails, and you can't access your server, please contact us.

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