Q: Why can I not connect to my server? Are your servers down?

First check to see if your server is off via our Game Panel, or if your server has been suspended. If the server has not been suspended and the panel is not responding (and returning errors saying it can't connect), it's likely that our nodes are down.

Just to double check if they're down, you should be able to check our node status here.

Otherwise, you should check our Discord server to see if there are any announcements on any maintenance/downtime.

If your server has been suspended

Your server can be suspended for various reasons:

- Forgot to pay your next invoice (if that's the case, click here to see what to do). - Violating our Terms of Service, Fair use policy, or/and Privacy Policy in any way or form; - Hacking, Misuse, and/or abusing our services (most situations are covered by our Terms of Service and Fair use policy).

You should contact us if your server has been suspended for misuse of our services.

Still having issues?

You should contact us, preferably via our Discord as we can provide 1-to-1 support.

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