Q: My server got suspended because I forgot to pay an invoice, what do I do?

First off, check on the Game Panel if the server is still there. If it's still on your account and has been marked as 'suspended', then that's great. Just pay your invoices on our Billing panel, and your server should be up and running again.

If your server has been suspended, the server is on the Game panel, and you've paid the invoices

Great! If all invoices are paid, your server should be up and running again and the 'suspended' label should of been removed now. If not, you should contact us.

If your server has disappeared from the panel

It's likely that the server was deleted due to not paying the invoices that were sent out to you.

To make sure you receive emails from us (we send out e-mail reminders to let you know when invoices are due), make sure to add our domain (skylarnodes.net) as a trusted domain.

If there is no options to add a domain to the safe senders list, add the following e-mail addresses to the safe senders list: - billing@skylarnodes.net - noreply@skylarnodes.net - support@skylarnodes.net

You should create a ticket via our Discord server so we can provide real-time 1-to-1 communication to double check this process goes smoothly.

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